A good Bookkeeper’s Characteristics

22 Nov
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Detail oriented

Attention to detail is a must! Imagine having a person who doesn’t read the fine print or always looks for shortcuts.

Must Love Numbers

Working with numbers requires that you have a clear understanding of math, and that you are not intimidated by its concepts. Math is such an exact science. There are no maybes in summing up totals or calculating balances.


They must be able to understand what to look for and how it impacts the entire picture. The ability to create what-if scenarios will also come into play.

Time Management

A good Bookkeeper knows how to organize their time for optimum results.

A Love of Technology

Without a doubt, this proves to be one of the most important characteristics. Everything today is automated, and it doesn’t make sense to partner with someone who is not technologically inclined. Software is used in all aspects of business today.

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